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No spring skips it’s turn

It’s like I’ve come out of hibernation this weekend. I mentioned before about how life is so much easier when the sun’s shining and it’s like the weather Gods have granted me favour and shone the sun down for a whole week.

We’ve only had one day off together this week so I got up early (which was not actually that early, as it turns out. BST, I am cross with you for making me lose an hour’s sleep but will forgive you as I bask in the long evening sunshine). I am training for a charity cycle ride (more of that soon…) so hopped on my bike and clocked up a not-too-shabby 20 miles. It was a lovely ride, a trip down memory lane if you will, as I cycled to Whitchurch where I grew up and took in each of my 3 old houses there.

We then decided that the time has come to get the veggies planted so hopped in the camper van and headed to B&Q. We spotted some cute wendy-houses and I don’t know who was more taken by them, us or the boys. I want this one so bad.

The smell of barbeques were wafting our way from neighbouring gardens so we decided to join in and have our first barbie of the year. Eaten on the picnic blanket.  Proper summery, like (there may have even been* a chilled glass of wine involved).

I bought the boys a growing kit from B&Q so they can have their own little plants. It contains tomatoes, lettuce and pumpkin seeds and is perfect for little ones. You just re-hydrate these little pods filled with soil, push the seeds into the soil and cover the tray with the plasic lid. They were a big hit and are now sitting warming nicely on the windowsill as we eagerly await the first shoots.

Now it was my turn. I bought a whole host of seeds and once the greenhouse had been de-spidered *shudder* I set to work planting my new babies, watering them in whilst dreaming about ratatouilles and sweet corn on the cobs we enjoyed last summer (lets not talk about the earwigs on the corn though *bigger shudder*).

This makes me very happy. Now to fight over who goes out each night to water the little blighters.