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Seven years…

So today , we celebrate our wedding anniversary. 7 Years ago today, on a gorgeous spring-like day much like today in Bristol we tied the knot. We married in Andy’s family church in Winterbourne, the vicar who married us is the same vicar who christened Andy 32 years previously which I find incredibly romantic.

My wedding present to Andy was an E-Type Jag for 3 days, a car he’s lusted after for years and is what he has in his mind when he’s had a hard day. One day, when we can, it will be his reward for years of hard work. He drove us to a beautiful tythe barn in Tetbury, filled with fairy lights and playing our favourite songs in the background.

It was the perfect venue for our winter wedding. We ate lamb shanks, drank champagne and danced all night to a ceilidh band. We even had snow as I went to get my bags out of the car in the evening. The venue was filled with our nearest and dearest and up until then, it was the best day of my life (I’ve since, of course had 2 children so the best was yet to come at this point!)

We’re not ones for gushing outpourings of love so I won’t start now (and certainly not so publicly!) but I will say that the last 7 years have been amazing. They’ve given us 2 beautiful children, an exciting new start professionally (our ‘third child’), some great travel experiences and many, many happy memories along the way. We’ve gone from 2 people starting out on an uncertain future to one family, sharing the same wishes, hopes and dreams. Here’s to many more memories to be made…