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Etsy shop is go!

So, seeing as I’ve been going a bit blanket mad recently, I’ve decided to channel my efforts into my Etsy shop. Take a look here, if you like. I have 3 beauties waiting for new homes ūüôā


Crazy blanket lady

…Strikes again.

I fed my ongoing blanket obsession today after a visit to my local fabric shop (which, if you live in Bristol and you sew you should go to by the way, it’s a gem). I picked up some of this gorgeous Kumari Gardens fabric by Dena Designs. I have previously used this for a patchwork quilt and love love love it.

I’ve been wanting to make a fleece baby blanket fo a while so I got some lovely soft fleece and put it to good use, all finished off lovely with a turquoise satin ribbon trim.

What do you think? I love it, I just need a baby now to wrap in it (I’ll borrow one).


A little crochet inspiration

My creative juices have been somewhat repressed recently. Probably a combination of illness, having loads on at work and having no money making sure no inspiration makes its way to the forefront of my mind.

I read a great¬†post by Charlotte last week about creativity and finding your mojo. It seems I’m not the only one finding this recently but, taking Charlotte’s advice I clicked through to a few blogs. Current favourites are Attic24, Something I Made (as recommended by Charlotte), Oyster & Pearl , Tales from a Happy House¬†and ohdeardrea.

And so I feel my mojo slowly returning. I have a huge stash of yarn left over from a granny blanket (unfinished, of course) I started months ago. I have always loved this knitted blanket from Mamas¬†& Papas and now my babies are growing (sniff!) I’ve taken my inspiration from here and I’m making me a Mama-sized edition.

And so it starts. A simple treble-crochet stripe (after an enormous 200-strong foundation chain) interspersed with double crochet lines. I’m using my favourite colours from the stash and am fast running out but as the yarn I’m using is a bargainous¬†¬£1.50 for 100g I shan’t feel too guilty if I need a few more.

Lord knows how long this is going to take. I’m hoping to get it finished by the time I go away in July (don’t know¬†why, it’s not like I’ll need it in Spain at the height of summer. Hopefully).

It’s very simple to do so I’ll post a tutorial once I’m done. Hopefully this promise will also encourage me to actually¬†finish a project for once.

A new chapter?

A year or so ago I decided to start making greetings cards. I know it sounds quite ‘twee’ but I enjoy designing and crafting so it means I have a creative project to get my teeth into and hopefully make a small income from it at the same time.

I started in earnest with great plans of designing and making wedding stationery, creating a few designs and building a website. I soon realised that wedding stationery would mean waaaay too much pressure (I’ve been a bride, I know what they’re like) at a time in my life when I don’t need any more of the stuff.

So, I am keeping it small scale for now. I have a handful of birthday and baby designs which I sell on my website and on Etsy. I’m continuing to build up my stock and in the summer would like to get along to some local markets and craft fairs to see how I fare.

I’m really enjoying crochet at the moment too, and hope to expand eventually to crotchet goodies and perhaps patchwork baby blankets but we’ll see. For now, with 2 little ones and another business I have my hands full but I’m definitely looking forward to this new little venture and seeing where it may lead.