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Will you be my friend?

A handful of times in my life I’ve met someone (usually female) and just sort of ‘clicked’. That happened today at work. My last client of the day came in and I felt like I could talk to her forever. We found out loads of coincidences and parallels in our lives and I found myself really wanting to be her friend.

Which is weird, because you can’t really just say to someone “will you be my friend?” especially when you’re meeting on a professional level.

If this were a sexual thing, with a bloke, it would be different (if I weren’t painfully shy and like, married) because then it’s acceptable to ask to see someone again, but what do you do in this situation?

Is it ok to ask someone to be your friend? Is it possible to do it without seeming sad, lonely and desperate? I’m none of those things *cough* maybe sad *cough* but genuinely would love to meet for a cuppa, perhaps a playdate and get to know her better.

How about you – anyone ever brave enough to actually do this? I’m genuinely intrigued.

Disclaimer: I realise I may sound a touch stalker-ish after re-reading this. I promise I’m a well-rounded, normal individual with plenty of *actual* friends. Not just the ones in my head.