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We’ve moved!

Estrella has got a new home. New design, new posts, it’s all go! Pop on over to to see the new blog and say hi!

See you there x

Pimp my living room

I sigh a great big shallow sigh. I want to redecorate my living room but don’t know where to start or what I really want it to look like. Plus, um, I have no money so am kinda stuck.

This is how it looks now…

Excuse my cub glued to The Lion King 🙂

So yeah, it’s pretty small and after 6 years, 2 children and a big smelly dog, in need of a bit of TLC. I’ve wasted spent the morning on Pinterest browsing some beautiful looking rooms looking for inspiration. A Lust List will shortly follow featuring objects (and rooms) of my desire.

So, Living Room Fairy, if you’re reading, please pay me a visit and bring me the room of my dreams. For free.

Time goes by

Today I find out what school Finn will go to in September. How the hell did that happen?

Childhood memories and grown-up dreams

Today, as we entered the gates to the park, I went off in one direction to sit on the blanket and the boys another, to play on the equipment. As they walked off together, Max slipped his hand into Finns. This small gesture, completely natural and unprovoked, stirred something in me and it felt as if my heart was going to burst right there.

A relationship between siblings is unique to any other. Stronger than friendship, bound through blood, it is one which lasts a lifetime and holds the key to our past, the strongest link to a shared history.

As they played, I watched on and every now and again they’d lose each other and come to me asking where the other is. Even at such a young age, they are a comfort to each other which brings me peace knowing they will always have a non-parental force in their life, each watching over the other.

As they grow, they will share secrets, games, friends, and what we’ll do our absolute best to be a very happy childhood. As long as they have each other, these boys will be just fine.

A little insight

This is lots of fun. I was tagged by Charlotte, now it’s my turn…

1. Post these rules
2. Post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag
5. Go to their blog and tell them they’ve been tagged!
11 Random things…

1. I want a horse so badly
2. My favourite song is ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Dire Straits
3. Until I had children I had never changed a nappy
4. I can play the flute (badly)
5. I lived in Dubai for 2 years when I was 18
6. I have a massive crush on Jon Bon Jovi
7. I can touch my nose with my tongue
8. I’m terrified of earwigs
9. I can’t whistle
10. I wanted to be a vet until I did my work experience at a vet hospital and watched a post-mortem on a dog
11. I never drink a cup of tea straight away, it has to be lukewarm

Now for my questions from Charlotte…

1. What is your favourite book?
The Lovely Bones or The Memory Keepers Daughter. Both read years before the films came out and both tainted by the films

2. Who would you have play you in your life story?
Natalie Portman. I look nothing like her but I adore everything she does

3. Heels or flats?
Flats. Unless I’m out without my (5ft 5) husband when I slip on my highest pair of heels. Then fall over.

4. Describe yourself in six words before becoming a Mama.
Ambitious, materialistic, carefree, sociable, impatient, tidy (3 of these still hold true)

5. Do you have any religious beliefs?

6. If you could be anything, what would you be?
A cat. They sleep all day for crying out loud!

7. What makes you cringe?
Grown-ups talking baby talk. To grown-ups.

8. Do you have a quote you live by?
Follow your dreams. Not a quote so much as a philosophy I live by. Nothing is out of reach.

9. What is your biggest fear?
Losing my children, and flying. Let’s not talk about what the thought of getting on a plane with my children does to me.

10. Your favourite place in the world is?
Wow, that’s hard. Don’t know if it’s my ultimate favourite but Aviemore in Scotland is up there. Although the landscape is stunning, it’s the memories which make it beautiful.

11. What makes your heart flutter?
A spontaneous kiss from someone I love.

Now my questions for Born in 2011, More Than Toast, and Red Boots

1. If you hadn’t given your child(ren) the names you did, what would they have been called?
2. What’s the funniest thing you’ve done whilst drunk?
3. What’s your guilty pleasure?
4. What did you want to be when you were little?
5. What’s your favourite feature about yourself?
6. When was the last time you cried?
7. What were you doing when you were 20?
8. If you won the lottery, what would be your first 3 purchases?
9. What’s the best present you’ve ever received?
10. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you?
11. What was your best job?

Bye-bye baby belly

I wrote a post for my work blog a while back on how much pressure there is on Mums to lose weight after having a baby. The post got the most hits of all our articles so I thought I’d share it on here too.

I found it incredibly hard to lose weight after each pregnancy. Both times I lost the initial stone of baby, fluid and whatever the hell else comes out after having a baby (was anyone else terrified when they saw what had come out of their body post-childbirth? Another thing they don’t tell you when you’re pregnant: you will sit, clutching your newborn in what looks like a murder scene).

The rest of whatever I put on clung to my hips, boobs, belly and bum for dear life until I finished breadstfeeding. I lost not an ounce until they were weaned. I think in my mind I was probably thinking ‘an extra 500 calories a day-pass the biscuits’ and taking on more than I needed but hey, I was knackered, I was stressed, I deserved a few biccies, right?

Although I’m now the same weight as before I got pregnant, there’s no doubt that my body has completely changed. My hips are bigger and I wonder if my stomach will ever be flat again (it better be by July, I have a pool party to go to don’cha know?)

I’m still working hard to get to a point where I’m comfortable in my own skin again but I wonder if it’s possible after 2 pregnancies? Anyone out there achieved it post-baby? I’d love to hear from other people in my position. In the meantime, take a peek at the article here.

Lost time is never found again

Sometimes you need to pretend nothing else matters except for the moment in which you are living.

Such moments in my life are often accompanied by squeals of delight and giggly, wriggly little bodies.