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To sleep or not to sleep?

Um, not, in our case.

When Max was a baby we co-slept for a month or so as he wouldn’t go in his Moses basket and it made for lazy easy feeding in the foggy first weeks.

Since then he’s never slept in our bed, something we’ve actually been quite pleased about as we went though a spell of major problems with Finn after he was ill, slept in our bed for ages (comfort for him, peace of mind for us) then we had HUGE problems trying to get him back into bed. It resulted in very little sleep (me) and loads of tears (both of us).

Buuuut…When Max and I were ill last month, we slipped into the habit of sleeping together. He was so poorly he just wasn’t settling so it made sense to have him in with me as he just wanted cuddles the whole time. To be fair, I was feeling rough and that’s all I wanted too (apart from paracetamol, ibubrofen, Vicks Sinex and Beechams. Quite a cocktail) so we enjoyed a few weeks of restful nights snuggled in together.

Sure, he looks cute. Not so much at 2am with feet in your ribs.

Now, however, it’s not so enjoyable. He’s going to sleep fine in his own bed but sneaks in, ninja-style in the dead of night. The proceeds to kick, punch, squash and duvet-hog for the remainder of the night. The time has come to get him sleeping all night in his own bed again but how, without the trauma we had with Finn?

I’ve had a few good suggestions on Twitter which I’ll try but does anyone else have ideas for no-cry solutions? I’d love to hear from you if you’ve had a similar experience. My sanity depends on it.


An exhausted lady’s make-up bag

In Days Gone By I would think nothing of casually leaving the house without a scrap of make up on. These days have sadly passed for a number of reasons

a) ‘Casually’ leaving the house? Oh, come on.

b) I am 33 in 2 weeks time. This didn’t bother me until I got a new camera. Like seeing yourself in HD all your crinkly glory in EVERY PHOTOGRAPH YOU OWN

c) In the last 5 years I’ve been through 2 pregnancies, childbirth (twice, obvs) and now am keeper to 2 small people who don’t rate sleep as highly as I do. Turns out this takes its toll on your face. Who knew??

So these days there is at the very least a slick of mascara and liberal slather of foundation before I start my day.

I’ve experimented with many a product promising concealing, brightening, tightening and lifting over the last few years and these, my friends are my failsafe exhaustion-busters…

1. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

2. No. 7 Instant Radiance Beauty Lotion

3. Rimmel Lash Accelerator

4. Clinique Shimmering Tones Powder

5. Benefit Boi-ing concealer

And this is the result. Alot less scary than the original version