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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Bristol: the M Shed edition

FINALLY we have sunshine. I’m not going to bang on about my rainy day woes but lets just say they have been plentiful. Andy’s brother and sis-in-law were visiting from London Town so we decided to take a trip into Bristol (something we don’t do nearly often enough, I LOVE exploring the Harbourside) and visit M Shed.

M Shed is a museum dedicated to the history of Bristol. Perfect for families, it has lots of interactive exhibits to capture the imagination of little visitors. As well as the big old bus which is always a big hit, they are also displaying the pirate ship used in Bristol-based Aardman Animations’ lastest film The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists.

And of course, no day in the sunshine would be complete without an ice cream at the end.


Childrens books: Nancy Tillman

Whilst searching for sewing patterns, I came across the blog of Lazy Seamstress. Jeanette’s daughter, Florence was born on the same day as Max but sadly passed away just a few hours later.

Jeanette wrote a post about buying this book by Nancy Tillman for Florence. After reading her post I bought the book myself and it has since become one of my favourite childrens books.

Nancy writes beautifully and captures perfecty the love for a child. The story behind my buying the book gives the words a different significance than if I’d simply seen it on a shelf in a bookshop. It remains a emotive reminder of how precious life is and all we have to be thankful for.


P.S. I have also since bought this book by the same author. Equally as beautiful


Lust List

If this blog had a Lust List (it doesn’t, I’ve checked) this week, it would look something like this…

1. Karoliina top – POP! The Fashion Store

2. Skirt – H&M

3. VERA Flatform shoes – ASOS

4. Vintage spoon ring – POP! The Fashion Store

5. Woofie cushion – John Lewis

6. Jubilee mug – Emma Bridgewater

7. Snack tubs – Paperchase

New camera! Loads of pictures!

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We ordered a new camera for the studio this week which came this morning. Perfect timing – meant we could spend a rainly, miserable afternoon messing around indoors, taking pictures and getting to grips with the new gadget.

By the way I am very much a novice (read: haven’t a clue) when it comes to photography. Evidence of this is about to become apparent…

1&2 Bathtime fun

3, 4 & 5 Poor, neglected garden is actually doing alright by istelf

6 This is supposed to have vegetables in it. If we ever get a dry day again, there will be

7 Puss

8 Literally the only time he was quiet all day. Not even joking

9¬†I love this picture of Finn, just wish it was in focus (told you I’ve no clue. It’s a miracle we even have images)

10 Woof


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Jeez, it’s been forever since I’ve posted on here. I kind of fell out of love with blogging since it landed me in trouble a month or so ago. I took a little hiatus from Twitter and have left the blog (pretty much) alone for a while.

Anyhow, after a tricky few weeks I’m rested, back on form and ready to start again. So hi ūüôā

So, yeah, what have I been up to for the last month? As always I turn to the good old iPhone for an update…

¬†Camping.¬†We bought a (cheap) campervan a few years ago. Honestly, it’s been nothing but trouble. Something has happened every time we’ve been away in it, I’m convinced it’s jinxed.¬†It’s cost a bloody fortune since we got it (there was a reason it was so cheap). Anyway,¬†although this trip started well, didn’t end so well…

This was the view on (what was supposed to be)  our last day. The less said about that the better.

Decorating. So we’ve had a child in that room for 4 years and we’ve only just decorated. What of it?

Writing. And eating. And writing. I went to a fitness convention a few weeks back and attended a lecture on nutrition. Backed up by extensive research, the basic gist of it was that if we focus too much on counting calories, we can make the wrong choices and become deficient in nutients vital to health. Without the basic foundations of health we cannot lose fat efficiently which is where many people go wrong. It might all be a bit boring to alot of people (diet bore-yawn!) but I find it fascinating and as such have spent weeks researching the topic and have written my very own eBook.

Of course, part of that research was to find or write recipes which of course needed road testing. Man, that was hard. Why I felt the need to photograph these meals I don’t know but hey,they make this page look pretty.

Celebrating. My Dad turned 60 this month so we had a family weekend in Devon, grown-ups only. My Stepmum asked me to make a golf-themed cake which I feared would go horribly wrong but was actually pleased with the result. I *think* it tasted ok but it was consumed at 1am after an evenings frivolities so none of us can really be sure.


Cycling. I was volunteered (thanks, husband *waves fist*) to do a charity bike ride from Bristol to Weston yesterday with the kids’ nursery in aid of the¬†Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy. 30 Miles, I thought, I can do that. I¬†cycle to work and regularly do a longer ride of¬† 20ms or so on a weekend so thought it’d be fine.

Then they asked me to cycle home again. Yep, stupidly agreed (it’s for the kids, innit?). It was hard, especially on the way back when there were only 4 of us who didn’t get the train back so the speed was increased and there were less stops. All good though, an amazing effort from all and yes, I do have a very sore bum today.

If anyone is kind enough to want to donate to the foundation by the way, you can do so via Paypal using the email address¬†giving your name for the sponsorship form. Thank you ūüôā